5 Dec

I hate spiders!  Spiders have eight creepy legs and bite you.  Spiders have fangs which inject venom.  Spiders are found all of the world except in one place, Antarctica.  There are over 40,000 species and 109 families of spiders.  Spiders are not all bad, scientists have been researching different species of spiders venom for uses for medicine and non polluting pesticide.  A spiders silk is a combination of strength, lightness, and elasticity.   The silk is used for synthetic materials and the silk genes have been injected in mammals and plants to see if they can become silk factories.  Spiders are symbols in art and mythology symbolizing  patience, cruelty and creative powers.


3 Dec

In California, I knew when it was fall time because I would always see wild turkeys in my front yard.  My neighbor would always throw bread out for them, but I didn’t think it was a smart idea because they would keep coming back.  I lived in Sacramento at the time and i don’t think I was near any woods.  The turkeys had long legs and their feathers were dark.  I always thought it was so cool to see the turkeys in my yard. 

Snakes in the Neighborhood

3 Dec

When I lived on Beale Air Force Base in California there was a snake problem.  There were snakes everywhere!  You had to be careful walking outside your door because you would more than likely find a snake on your porch.  I remember there was a snake under our car and my little sister wouldn’t come out because she was so scared.   The most common snake we would find was a rattlesnake.  We had a block party and this little two year old was walking along near a gutter and there was a rattlesnake slithering by her and one of my friends grabbed her and walked away.  Rattlesnakes are not normally aggressive, but you never know what could happen.  Many dogs would get bitten because behind our houses there was a field where all the snakes would come put of and some of the dogs would go in there.   We later found out that our neighbor had a snake nest under her house.   I used to like snakes and lizards, but since I lived there i hate them.

Moose Crossing

16 Sep

When I was in Sweden my family and I were driving on a road surrounded by woods and they were telling me that a lot of moose come on these roads and just stand in the middle of the road.  I didn’t believe them because it didn’t sound right, I thought they were getting there English mixed up and were thinking of a deer. Then we came across this huge beast in the middle of the road, it was a moose.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  We stopped the car and the moose came up to my window and I was scared.  My cousin said I had nothing to worry about, that the moose wouldn’t hurt me.  So I stuck my hand out of the window (thinking to myself that this was crazy and stupid) and touched the moose.  The moose didn’t do anything, just stood there.  I told my cousin that this had to be one of the most terrifying things I have ever done.

Hello world!

1 Sep

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